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Colorado Hut Hiking Trip - Important Information, please read
Food and Water - We’ll group people up and assign them a meal to cook at the hut. Each group will give Two Dog Travel a list of ingredients to purchase ahead of time. While at the hut, you will be in charge of cooking a meal, be it breakfast or dinner. Lunch will be sandwich wraps, etc. All meals at the hut are included in the price. Any snacks, etc. you’d like to have for the hikes are each person’s responsibility.  Someone will drive a Jeep on the 4wd road to the hut carrying the drinking water for the group, however, all the food for meals we will carry in our packs. If someone feels they can’t make it to the hut, there is a possibility of riding in the jeep. Everyone will be responsible for purchasing any alcohol they’d like to have at the hut and should have it purchased the evening of Friday, August 21. (There are two liquor stores in town.)  The alcohol will be put in the jeep and brought to the hut along with the water.
Freight S.L. Umberyard - These are individual studio cabins within easy walking distance to downtown. They are currently under construction and will be finished by May 2020. Cabins have the capacity of up to three people, a private bathroom and kitchenette. Breakfast foods will be supplied in each cabin. These cabins will be brand new as they are currently finishing the construction, which is planning to be complete the 1st of May. 
Uncle Bud’s Hut - This hut is a part of the 10th Mountain Division Huts. The huts accommodate up to 16 people. Our group will have the entire hut to ourselves regardless of the number in our group. There is a very modern outhouse. The sleeping is between two bedrooms sleeping four and six people and a large sleeping area. There are no private rooms in the hut. Here is a link to the hut:


Additional Days - If you’re interested in coming in a day or two earlier or staying later, there are many options of things to do in the area. Let us know and we’ll book the extra night/s accommodations for you and set up any activities or tours you’re interested in. Here are a few of the options:
    National Mining Museum and Hall of Fame
    Matchless Mine Tour
    Healey House and Dexter Cabin
    Drive up on the East Side and follow the Silver Kings Route  
    Drive to Twin Lakes and hike or do a boat tour to the Historic Interlaken Hotel site
    SUP or Kayak on Twin Lakes
    Visit the Historic Fish Hatchery with hiking trails
    Go whitewater rafting
    Visit Mt. Princeton or Cottonwood Hot Springs 
    Ride the historic Leadville Southern Colorado Train
    Tour the Historic Tabor Opera House
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