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"There are no FOREIGN lands,

it is the TRAVELER only

who is FOREIGN."


Becky Edwards, the creator of Two Dog Travel, started her obsession with travel when, after graduation, she and a college friend spent a month in Greece.  After meeting so many people from all over the globe, she decided that she needed to see more of the world. But not only see other places, truly experience them. This desire culminated in Becky first going to graduate school in London and then moving to Paris to work as an Au Pair and English tutor.  After moving back home to the US, the travel did not stop. As her friends would hear of her travels, they would ask her if they could go with her. This resulted in a number of vacations where Becky did the planning and the groups of friends would join in on the fun. She soon realized how much joy it brought her to be a part of introducing the world to others. 
After working in graphic design and advertising for many years, Becky wondered if maybe she could somehow work travel into a job. About eleven years ago she started working for a couple of companies as a tour director, leading tours all over the world. Over the years, she had many people ask her to create a tour for them. Her work in travel started overtaking the graphic design and out of this grew Two Dog Travel.
We knew our focus would be on the local culture of the area we are visiting: the food, wine, people and their way of life. As we began planning our tours and spoke with many of our friends and those interested in traveling with us, we saw a need we felt we could address. Many tour companies offer active tours, but the more we looked the more we realized most of them are based on a single type of activity such as hiking or biking, or they don't include the local culture, wine and food aspect. Rather than creating a tour with a focus on a single activity, we decided to have a range of things to keep us moving all while not taking away from the opportunity to dig into the local culture of the place we are visiting. We also know many people who aren't interested in the active portion of a tour but still like the idea of digging into the local culture. Thus, we decided to create two types of tours, some active and some not. 
Why the name Two Dog Travel?
When Becky met her husband, Joey, they each brought a dog into the relationship. Both very sweet pups but very much opposite. Sunday, our sweet bull mastiff, is relaxed and calm while Layla, our little shih tzu mix, loves to run and play before she relaxes for the day.  In the end, we realized these girls are great examples of the two types of tours we wanted to create. Thus, Two Dog Travel was born. 
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