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"Travel far ENOUGH,







Our wine and culture tours take after our bull mastiff, Sunday. She enjoys the finer things in life like great food, being outside on a sunny day and relaxing. Sunday loves her walks, especially if she's out on a trail but, don't ask her to go for a run. She prefers a more leisurely pace and after her stroll, she prefers to sit down and contemplate the day. On one of Sunday's tours, you'll take things a bit slower. You'll still see and do plenty but, you won't be asked to hike a mountain or kayak the rapids. And like Sunday, who loves meeting new people and trying new things, you'll get to know the local people and enjoy a bit of their culture.
Our active and culture tours take after our shih tzu mix, Layla. Layla has two speeds, full speed ahead and relaxed and lazy. Layla's Tours are based on the idea of combining activities that get us moving mixed with leisure time. On one of Layla's tours you might go kayaking or hiking in the morning, followed by a relaxing picnic in a vineyard that afternoon. But don't worry, you'll still get to enjoy all the local food and culture on a Layla tour just like you do on a Sunday tour. After all, Layla is never one to miss out on anything her big sister gets to do.
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