"There are no FOREIGN lands,

it is the TRAVELER only

who is FOREIGN."


Two Dog Travel Tour Directors
Jan Blanchard
Jan has been traveling and leading trips for decades. Whether domestically or internationally, Jan explores the fun and the unusual. Travel to her is the greatest educator and it pushes the boundaries like no other. As a creative and foodie, you’ll know that quality food is high in her list while traveling. You may find her on a warm day cycling with her friends or meeting new people in faraway countries. Join Jan on your next travel adventure. She's ready to make sure your trip is an experience of a lifetime. 
Kim Boubel
Kim has led trips internationally since 2013 with a focus in Spanish speaking countries and Europe. She is originally from Chicago but has lived in several different cities, including Quito, Sevilla, Santa Barbara and Cartagena and she is currently based out of Seattle, WA. Her favorite part of leading trips is the opportunity to meet and make new friends from all over the world and seeing people experience new things. When she’s not off exploring the world, whether with a group or her family, she enjoys being active in nature, eating her way through Seattle, and loving on her baby boy, Weston.
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