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"There are no FOREIGN lands,

it is the TRAVELER only

who is FOREIGN."


Two Dog Travel Tour Directors
Jan Blanchard
Jan has been traveling and leading trips for decades. Whether domestically or internationally, Jan explores the fun and the unusual. Travel to her is the greatest educator and it pushes the boundaries like no other. As a creative and foodie, you’ll know that quality food is high in her list while traveling. You may find her on a warm day cycling with her friends or meeting new people in faraway countries. Join Jan on your next travel adventure. She's ready to make sure your trip is an experience of a lifetime. 
Jess Floe
Jess has been leading trips around the world since 2016, specializing in European countries but often going to the ends of the earth or wherever the wind blows! An avid adventurer, Jess now calls Sayulita, Mexico home and spends her time eating tacos, surfing, and traveling as often as she can. The best part about travel for her is the friendships you make: everyone has a story and all it takes is a shared glass of vino or frothy cappuccino to form lifelong connections. Traveling with Jess is sure to give you a trip you’ll remember forever — complete with meaningful conversation, endless laughter, and a hunger to never stop exploring. 
Crete Steph.jpg
Stephanie Kinnebrew
Looking for an adventure? You are in luck…so is Stephanie! Exploring and learning other cultures are some of the best parts of going to new places. Traveling to over thirty countries since 2004 has led to her always looking for a new place to discover - great conversation, great food, and meeting new people along the way are just some of the things you will find motivate her. She loves making new friends and helping others discover how intoxicating travel can be. Team up with Stephanie on your next trip and explore this beautiful world together.
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